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Author: slimsaint
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See What Husband Did To His Wife After She Allegedly Caught Him Cheating (Photos)



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A woman has cried out for help after her husband battered her badly after she caught him cheating.[Image: battered-woman0.jpg]
A woman has been horribly assaulted by the husband after she reportedly caught him cheating with another woman.
The yet-to-be identified man was called out on Instagram by the in-law after he allegedly battered his wife.
His aggrieved sister in-law, Gladys Odogbo Meribe, who called him out on social media, said this isn’t the first time the man would be cheating or beating up his wife.[Image: battered-woman.jpg]
Am so pissed off.  How can a man claim to love his wife mother of his kids and did this to her after been caught cheating with another woman. This is not the first time he ha been doing this. It has to stop. The worst is that his family re supporting him,” Gladys wrote.[Image: battered-woman1.jpg]