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Have You Expressed Gratitude Once For The Emergence of The Internet? – Uche Eze Ann



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[Image: 8DCCE621-18BB-48FD-87FF-4B41A8D60866.jpeg]

Have you expressed gratitude once for the emergence of the internet?

Today, I’m choosing to express gratitude for facebook, without it a lot of us would have imploded. Facebook affords most people the opportunity to murmur aloud, speak their minds and damn the consequences.

Facebook helped some discover their writing talents. Most who hitherto, never scribbled lines beyond writing in exam halls have fine-tuned their penmanship here and have become masters of their own arts.

So today, I thank God for the internet generally, for GSM: chinko , 3310, Sagem, torchlight, blackberry, Samsung , iPhone etc.

I thank God for sim cards, even the ones with very bad networks and cut throat tarrif charges, we no get am before.

I thank God for watsapp, 2go, IMO, Skype, twitter, Instagram etc

I thank God for Google and kiddle and all imaginable search machines on the cyber space.

The internet saved Nigerians, because by now we for Don mad finish. This is a place where we come to rant and express all our frustrations. We purge our hearts of pain brought about by decades of bad and incompetent governments. The internet is a life saver. Never take the cyber space for granted. Make sure that after thanking God daily for food, clothing and shelter, also thank him for the internet, it’s also a basic need. It’s not luxury, it’s a necessity.

Uche Eze Ann