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Author: Eagletale
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Atiki Steamrolling: PDP In Kwara and North West



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[Image: D9CA8F02-17F3-4C92-823E-3DD97E124941.jpeg]

If Atiku rented his immense crowd in Sokoto from Niger Republic, as claimed by the midget El Rufai. Did they follow him to Kwara? I am sure the journey will be like the Israelites Exodus and the roads between Sokoto and Kwara will be blocked. Or maybe they used NIGERIA AIRWAYS that APC has brought back. hehehehehe.

Truth is El Rufai is sweating in his very veey small brocus and has nothing important to say. Let him continue his Islamic agenda as Atiku offers a different one based on strong economy and unity between Christians and Muslims, based on love and respect and established inclusion, not El Rufai’s Muslim/Muslim ticket and Muslim Muslim everything.

Earlier on, Atiku was campaigning in the North. Seeing the caliber of Northerners with Atiku, and knowing these very names and faces have decided elections for Obasanjo, Jonathan and switched to Buhari and delivered him and now united for Atiku, it will take some level of stupidity to underrate Atiku.

This is North West Nigeria, Buhari’s base. With Tambuwal on Atiku’s side and with Kwankwaso Lamido Saraki etc etc etc, and with the amount of hunger brought in by APC and Buhari’s policy failure eg 3 billion wasted on search for oil, 1 billion for arms that will arrive 2024 and idiotic policies and dollar policy madness that have driven away underwriters like JP Morgan and other global banks, it is easy to see people move away from Buhari, including his religious zealots. HUNGER RESETS BRAINS.

Note that they do not move to a Christian, which would have been a tall order they are moving to a co-Northerner, co-Muslim and a familiar face and name whose OBJ/Atiku era saw them able to feed their children.

Now, all Atiku needs to do is pick enough of the Northern votes from Buhari. Kaduna is split with El Rufai ostracizing Christians and Shiites. Ganduje is already struggling in Kano as he desperately is buying awards and paying Reverend fathers up and down. Atiku’s home state is a given. Borno and all know Buhari abandoned them to Boko Haram.
The Middle Belt is lost to Buhari.

Buhari’s only hope is that Tinubu is able to use juju to make Yorubas choose hunger and religious bigotry over commonsense.

Need I talk of South south and South East?

[Image: 9F0884DE-81CE-46A2-A2D5-DF1BBED936AB.jpeg][Image: 3E0A3AAB-94FC-4FDC-BE43-15A281ADF761.jpeg][Image: 17FFDFC9-6553-4447-8FE9-70BACC8E3AF6.jpeg]

Ena Ofugara