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Author: Eagletale
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The Tail Wagging The Dog – Two Powerful People Frustrating Buhari’s Efforts?



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[Image: 590E5529-2A25-4173-B5CD-2EC1DFF90812.jpeg]

First Lady Aisha Buhari has reportedly blamed two powerful, but unamed men for frustrating her husband’s success. I don’t agree with her. She shouldn’t have put the saddle on the wrong horse. Nigerians didn’t vote for these so-called powerful men, they voted for President Buhari. No appointee can be more powerful than the President. The President should take responsibility for what happens in his administration. How many perceived powerful men and women did President Donald Trump fire? Being irresolute is a choice. If the leader is hesitant to touch those close to him because they are “loyal”, then he must ultimately take responsibility for their misdeeds.

Communications Minister Adebayo Shittu publicly admitted that he wilfully refused to participate in the compulsory national service in violation of the law, but the President still tolerates him. If Shittu can’t do the needful, the President should show him the door. He never did. And, as a result, Shittu is still behaving with arrogant impunity.

These appointees are taking advantage of the President’s irresoluteness. It took public pressure to force the President to act on former SGF Babachir David Lawal and former Finance Minister Kemi Adeosun. If the President lacks the political will to punish wayward appointees, should we accuse the appointees for his own inability to crack the whip? Although Aisha Buhari didn’t mention names, the reality of the situation is an open secret. The late US President Woodrow Wilson said “an office is what the officer makes of it.”

Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga