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Buhari’s Axis Of Corruption – Churchil Umoren



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[Image: 71C4DF91-E6D2-423C-84DF-8C5B69B189D1.jpeg]

Do you recall the $190,000 (N70m) Lamborghini Huracan flown in on an Emirate flight last week. That car belongs to President Buhari’s son in law, Ismaila Isa Funtua, married to Buhari’s daughter, Sefinatu. He tackled Gov Masaru for Katsina govt house.

His dad, Isa Funtua, is a wheeler dealer and member of Buhari’s store cabinet. He was one of those behind the plot to remove VP Osibajo. Elder Funtua is the chairman of Bulet International Construction Company, which was involved in the development of the new capital in Abuja in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but ran into over N10b debt but with NNPC and Forex deals debt have been practically cleared. Bounced back once his inlaw became president.

In 2016, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Aribisala, obtained a judgment on behalf of Union Bank against ISA Funtua and his companies to sell those companies because they were owing Union Bank over N10 billion. They could not execute the judgment because Funtua reached out to Buhari who reached the IGP who did not bring out the police. Anyone who is in doubt should ask Aribisala, SAN for a copy of the order. Today he is a billionaire

Funtua through his connection to Buhari makes tons of millions of dollars weekly. He gets $12m weekly from d CBN @ N305, approved by Buhari which he sells in the black market for N370 per $. He is a strong member of the ruling cabal in the villa. That is why the govt has maintained and sustained a fraudulent forex regime with the widest disparity between official rate and parallel market. The young son is so wealthy and rolls in same multi millionaire circle with Yusuf Buhari ( president’s son) who recently crashed his N56m power bike and billionaire son of former FCT minister shamusedeen Bala Mohammed . Ismaila and Yusuf sources say, are top dealers at the NNPC where Elder Funtua makes monthly kills. The CBN governor can not look Isa Funtua in the eyes, ask those who know.

Below are elder Funtua, Ismaila Yusuf Buhari and CBN Gov with Funtua.

[Image: 71C4DF91-E6D2-423C-84DF-8C5B69B189D1.jpeg][Image: 8F28CFA6-42FD-42D7-938E-B7C73D310AFA.jpeg][Image: A076BBFD-17A9-409D-A61E-C62D23464DC1.jpeg]

Churchil Umoren