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Author: Eagletale
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Would You Let Buhari Teach Your Son For Primary 6 Exam? Would Your Son Pass?



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[Image: 39DC23FB-B83D-4C8C-830E-C8A526DCB8C7.jpeg]

The issue before Nigerians, with the many hurdles placed before presidents who manage the economy and directly affect the amount, quantity and quality of the food on their table is… is… it is if he can even really READ or if he does at all.

What did he study after secondary school again? In the NDA you major in agriculture or engineering or something. Tell Buhari supporters to tell you what Buhari read in all the claims of his attending any school to prepare himself for this HUGE task of governing you.

Atiku read some law at least to Diploma level and has shown brilliance in his day-to-day living. What has Buhari shown you? “United Kingdom of America”? “Osunbade”? “West Germany”? Inability to know the meaning of acronyms of his party APC and of INEC?

What has Buhari said to you as an employer that shows he prepared his mind for this task of being president?

Would you let Buhari teach your son for primary 6 exam? Would your son pass?

But you want him to continue to show a lack of capacity as president and plunge you and everyone deeper in the whirlpool of hunger

And the big question Buhari decides to answer is if he is able to even READ.

Ena Ofugara