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Author: slimsaint
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If You Have A Car, Read This Important Warning From Nigeria Police



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The Nigeria Police has issued a stern warning to car owners who indulge in this behaviour capable of landing them in serious trouble. 

[Image: car-cover.jpg]

Police warn against covering number plate
The police in Ondo State have warned vehicle owners to desist from covering their number plates or risk arrest and prosecution.
The spokesman of the police in the state, SP Femi Joseph, gave the warning in a statement on Wednesday in Akure.
“The Ondo State Police Command has observed that vehicle owners, especially private ones, now cover their number plates.
“The command is using this medium to warn such people to desist from this act.
“For the benefit of those who don’t know, only very top government officials, especially president, vice president, governors and their deputies with constitutional immunity are allowed to move around with their number plates covered.
“Unfortunately, some unscrupulous members of the public take advantage of this privilege to commit illegal acts with their vehicles in order not to be easily identified even though they don’t fall within the category of the people that should enjoy this privilege.
“Consequently, anyone caught covering his or her number plate will be arrested and prosecuted henceforth. You have been warned,” Joseph said.