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My Take On Atiku Abubakar Kissing His Woman – Chidi Cali



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[Image: 751108D6-9540-4F40-ACCA-534CFC4BBFD8-768x512.jpeg]

It is confusing comprehending the intent of those attacking Atiku for Kissing Hajiya Rukaiya Atiku Abubakar, his wife after their condolence visit to late Shehu Shagari’s family In Sokoto.

While I appreciate that many APC supporters are conservative religious fanatics, but their attacking a man appreciating his wife and giving her a kiss is ridiculous.

Atiku has rural community setting upbringing that is wired to love. His later embracing a cosmopolitan lifestyle during his career to keep abreast with the changing time gives him the edge in dealing with multi ethnic, religious, cultural nation, like ours.

I think his appreciating and kissing the mother of his children should not break the heart of these heartless errand folks, who finds comfort in character assassination and mud-sliding.

If this is part of the politicking tactic of his opponents, I am certain they missed this one as this attack only re-confirmed Atiku as a loving man.