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Author: Eagletale
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Incidence, Coincidence, Or Freudian Slip?



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[Image: F725CC61-C856-4F35-BA03-9CA27A26AD0B.jpeg]

If you watch Daddy Showkey, you will dance galala. If you watch American rappers, you will dab when you score like Pogba.

Shehu Shagari asked for four more years in 1983. He did not do this sign.

Jonathan asked for four more years. He did not do this sign.

Buhari does this sign unwittingly and it became the symbol of his reelection.

At a time the government is killing Shiites, releasing captured Boko Haram members, appointing only Muslims into positions of power especially in the armed forces, and at a time Isis and Islamism is the bane of Nigeria and the world, this is the symbol Buhari chooses as his symbol for reelection.


[Image: F7854E20-D80C-4665-AE36-98CA8D8F8BD2-768x725.jpeg]
[Image: 7C4DEEEC-9664-4056-9A7E-FC37D4D37914-768x730.jpeg]
[Image: C872D62E-D3DD-4F82-9F58-E957300D5B79-768x504.jpeg]
[Image: FB9CBCC6-6956-4156-9818-C5FA7352A22A-768x666.jpeg][Image: 7C701531-5802-46A8-AC43-759933614918-768x483.jpeg]

Ena Ofugara