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Author: slimsaint
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Fresh University Female Graduate Awaiting NYSC Dies In Her Sleep (Photos)



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A promising Nigerian lady has passed away in her sleep briefly after graduating from a higher institution in flying colours.
 [Image: die1.JPG]
The deceased
A Facebook user, Chimelum Ajanma  has shared the story of a tertiary institution graduate who lost her life unexpectedly.
She was awaiting her National Youth Service Corp call-up letter which was supposed to engage her for a whole year.
The netizen claimed to have chatted with her before she died and she shared evidence.
Read what she wrote below:
''I heard about your demise this afternoon and I was devastated, I mean why on earth will your life be cut short at this time when you are already at the peak of enjoying your labour after graduating from the uni awaiting Nysc!
We had a short conversation weeks back little did I know that will be our last chat, No sickness,No accident,slept and never came back just like is a joke!
Rip dear, till we meet to part no more.
I love you dear friend"
See more images:
[Image: die2.JPG]
[Image: die3.JPG]
[Image: die4.JPG]