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Author: slimsaint
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Heartbroken Wife Catches Husband With Side Chick Inside A Hotel Room In Edo (Video) P



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A side chick allegedly sleeping with a married man has been caught by the man's wife in Edo state.
[Image: sidechick-caught.jpeg]
The sidechick
A wife has expressed her anger after catching a sidechick inside a hotel room with her husband.
The yet-to-be identified woman who lamented in Edo language revealed that she had been suspecting her husband identified as Pedro, of cheating on her with the lady before finally catching them together in what looked like a hotel.
The wife vented her anger on the lady by shouting on her as she said she won’t do anything to her (th

e side chick) because it was her husband who can’t control himself that wooed her and she agreed.
Internet users have reacted to the development with some criticizing the side chick for having an affair with a married man while others said the wife should leave the lady alone and control her cheating husband.
Watch the video below: