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Author: slimsaint
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Exposed: Several Men Begging Ghanaian Actress, Afia Schwarzenegger For S*x



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Afia Schwarznegger is receiving tonnes of messages from young men who are interested in warming her bed for pleasure and money.
[Image: Afia1.JPG]
Afia Schwarznegger
A list of lustful men secretly begging to have s*x with Afia Schwarznegger after she went public with paying male prostitutes to sleep with her, has been shared.
Recall that the Ghanaian media personality sparked a social media storm last weekend when during an interview, she claimed to pay male prostitutes to have s*x with her. 
“It is normal, since men also pay for the services of female prostitutes. What men can do, women can do better. Now if you have money you can do everything. There is a whole lot of male prostitute around. You just pay them and f*uck them,” Afia claimed.
Afia Schwarznegger who then shared a screenshot which captured list of lustful men secretly begging to have s*x with her, wrote; "Men begging to s*ck pussy….smh.. So people honesty believe I will give them my hard earned money…google Sarcastic …mtcheewwww."
See screenshots from her admirers on social media:
[Image: Afia2.JPG]
[Image: Afia3.JPG]
[Image: afia4.JPG]
[Image: afia5.JPG]
[Image: afia6.JPG]
[Image: afia7.JPG]
[Image: afia8.JPG]
[Image: afia9(1).jpg]
[Image: afia10.JPG]
[Image: afia11.JPG]
[Image: afia12.JPG]
[Image: afia13.JPG]
[Image: afia14.JPG]
[Image: afia15.JPG]