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Author: SLim Baba
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Actress Omo Butty Celebrates Her Pretty Daughter's Birthday

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The curvy actress, producer and film producer, Biodun Okeowo has been able to keep a healthy marriage alongside a blossoming career.[Image: Borti1.JPG]
Biodun Okeowo and her daughter
Beautiful Nollywood actress Biodun Okeowo celebrates her lookalkike daughter birthday as she shares some of her adorable photos.

The light-skinned woman has been secretive about her family until recently that she showcased her children as well as the face of her husband.
"Happy birthday my darling daughter, my love, my own best friend. I wish that all my heart desires and yours come to pass in life. Mummy loves you," she captioned her daughter's photos.
She is always in the news not because of her acting skills but for her massive bumbum and choice of clothes.
See more images below:[Image: borti2.JPG][Image: Borti3.JPG][Image: borti5.JPG][Image: borti7.JPG]

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