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Author: slimsaint
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The Collapsed Lagos Building Was Marked For Demolition Last Year



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More details have surfaced about the collapsed building at Ita Faaji, Lagos Island area which has claimed 12 lives with 41 people injured.
 [Image: coll.jpg]
Scene of the incident
We all heard the breaking news today of a building in Ita Faaji where the unfortunate incident happen where a 3-storey building collapse that killed and trapped many lives this morning. 
According Twitter user Adebayo bankole akintunde share, "The collapsed Lagos Island building had been marked for demolition & occupants asked to relocate last year.

"Months later, the occupants came back, demolition mark erased, someone has been settled.

"Now, the building collapsed, killing innocent school pupils."
[Image: ita.JPG]