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Author: slimsaint
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Homeless Nigerian Man Rescued From The Streets In Houston, US (Photos)



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Help has come the way of a sick Nigerian man who has been homeless and stranded in Houston, United States of America.
 [Image: mani1.JPG]
The man's plight was brought to social media after Nigerian entertainer who is based in America, Chinomso Prince Egbuchere, spotted him laying on the ground in Houston.
The man identified as Emmanuel who hails from Mbaise in Imo state, revealed he has been in the US for 35 years now and has been suffering from various illnesses including swollen legs due to diabetes. 
He said he couldn't do anything about it due to financial incapability. He also claimed he has a son there who is not cooperative and that he wants to return to Nigeria but doesn't know how. 
The Mbaise community in Houston, after hearing of his case, mobilized themselves and rushed the homeless man to the hospital for treatment.
Efforts are also being made to find a home for the man or help him return to Nigeria if he makes up his mind among other assistance the community offered him. 
[Image: mani2.JPG]
[Image: mani3.JPG]
[Image: mani4.JPG]