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Author: slimsaint
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Fatty Bum Bum: Plus-sized Model Celebrates Birthday In Bikini



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In a time when some plus-size women hide their faces in public to avoid being body-shamed, the African girl is walking around with pride.
 [Image: Amona1.JPG]
Monalisa Stephen
Monalisa Stephen, Nigerian plus-sized model celebrates her birthday in a special way with bikini photos. 
Sharing her sexy bikini birthday photos, the beautiful model wrote: "Fatty Bum Bum .....Happy Birthday to Me" 
Monalisa Stephen has overtime served as an inspiration to other women of her size out there. She never fails to flaunt her excess body parts and thousands of people follow her.
She is a model, fashion designer and a body positive advocate.
See more photos below:
[Image: amona2.JPG]
[Image: amona3.JPG]
[Image: amona4.JPG]
[Image: amona5.JPG]
[Image: amona6.JPG]