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Author: slimsaint
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Young Man Commits Suicide In Edo State, Leaves A Note Behind (Graphic Photos)



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The internet has been filled with gory pictures of a promising young man who ended his sojourn on this earth.[Image: asui1.JPG]
A young man popularly known as Governor has committed suicide in Edo state.
Information gathered by Groovenaija360 has it that at about 2200hrs in Ovia South LG, Udo community Edo state a young man of about 25yrs popularly known as Governor committed suicide by hanging himself. 
News has it that the mother of the deceased brought food for his son who lives in another quarter in the community but was shocked to have found out that the son committed suicide inside his room by hanging himself.
A letter written by the deceased before his death was found inside his room, in the letter, he stated that, "His brothers and sisters should not cry over his death, that he has seen his death."[Image: asui2.JPG]
[Image: asui3.JPG]