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Author: slimsaint
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Oh No! Two University Students Drown While Swimming In Benue State (Photos)



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Two Nigerian university students have reportedly drowned while they were swimming in a river in Benue state.[Image: bsu%20stu.JPG]
It has been reported that two 100 Level students of the Benue State University have died a really tragic death.
The two students identified as Kole Christopher, a Computer Science student, and Emmanuella Mson, a medical student, reportedly drowned while they were swimming inside River Benue, after apparently going there to have a good time.
Local reports show that very sad incident happened on Thursday, April, 11, 2019. .
The body of Kole, who was also a gospel musician, was recovered on Saturday, while that of Emmanuella is still to be found.[Image: bsu%20stu1.JPG]