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Author: slimsaint
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Man Beats His Fiancee To Stupor Three Months To Their Wedding In Oyo (Graphic Photos)



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A woman has been left in a state of serious pain after her lover brutalized her in Ibadan.[Image: obayinde0.JPG]
The man allegedly battered his fiancee
A Nigerian man is on the run after allegedly inflicting serious damage on his fiancee just three months to their wedding in Ibadan, Oyo state.
According to Twitter user, @Obayinde, the man battered his wife to be over an altercation.
Sharing the graphic photos, the cousin to the woman wrote: 

"This is my cousin who's engaged to be married by August. No, she was not involved in a bike accident. Her fiancee did this to her. Apparently, this not the first time. she's been covering him up in the name of "where would I start from"