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Two Nigerians Arrested In India's Biggest Ever Narcotics Seizure (Photos)



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Two Nigerians allegedly doing hard drugs in far Asia have been nabbed by security operatives with their merchandise intercepted.[Image: dru1.JPG]
Some of the culprits being paraded
India’s biggest ever narcotics seizure, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has recovered 1,818kg of pseudoephedrine from a house in Greater Noida and arrested two Nigerian nationals, a man, Henry Ideofor (35), a woman, Chimando Okora (30) and one South African national, Nomsa Lutalo.
Officers said that the house, which belongs to an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer was being used as a drug-manufacturing unit. The approximate value of the seized drugs are estimated to be more than Rs1,000 crore.
Madhav Singh, zonal director, NCB, said the seizure is India’s biggest-ever narcotics haul and the world’s largest pseudoephedrine seizure in the past three years.
See more images:[Image: dru2.JPG]

[Image: dru3.JPG][Image: dru4.JPG]