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Young Man Healed In Church After Three Years Of Madness Seeks Help To Locate Family (



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Family members of a Nigerian man have been called upon to come take him home after he was reportedly cured of his mental illness.[Image: mentalman1.jpg]

The man reportedly cured of his mental illness
A young Nigerian man who has been reportedly suffering from a mental illness is seeking for help to locate his family after he was allegedy healed in a church last week in Ekpoma, Edo state.
It was gathered that the victim had been suffering the mental illness for 3 years.
According to Facebook user, Samuel Owolabi, who shared the good news on social media, the man is still finding it difficult to talk. The church members are therefore seeking information on how to locate the man’s family.[Image: mentalman5.jpg]
Please note: The essence of posting this, is for identification sake.. We currently need any of his relatives to come identify him.. Cause “Austin” is still finding it difficult to speak due to the fact that its been a while he talked .. So please kindly share this post so anyone that knows Austin can come identify him..
Kindly call me on.
We will see much more miracle.”[Image: mentalman6.jpg]