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Author: slimsaint
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Tonto Dikeh Reveals What She Wants As Her Birthday Present...You Won't Believe What



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Controversial Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh has opened up on what she wants as her birthday present and fans are stunned.
[Image: Tonto%20Di.JPG]
One of Nigeria's most controversial actresses, Tonto Dikeh has revealed her desired birthday present this year .
According to her, all she wants is a pair of new boobs. She made the request on an Instagram page on Tuesday morning.
The interesting thing about her request which caught the attention of the fans is that she actually asked Jesus to help her in getting the work done.
She wrote: Dear lord Jesus,
"I have all i want for now..
"My birthday wish is that you make me schedule and that of Dr Ayo allign so i have my new boobs in jesus name i pray!!
"Thanks in addy Lord
" #BOOBSWISH #GEMINIBABY "[Image: tonto%20di1.JPG]
[Image: tonto%20di2.JPG]