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Author: slimsaint
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My Boyfriend Impregnated My Bestfriend - Woman Cries Out



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A woman has revealed the sad story how her boyfriend slept with her bestfriend, impregnating her in the process.[Image: crylady.jpeg]
A beautiful young woman has cried out for help after claiming that her boyfriend impregnated her bestfriend.
The woman identified by her Twitter handle @theeonlysoraya, took to social media to share her experience.
According to the South African beauty, her boyfriend got her best friend pregnant. To make matters worse, her best friend was not the only one who had his baby.
“My best friend slept with my boyfriend and they’re having a baby. When I confronted her she said I shouldn’t have used prevention and a couple of days later another girl came through with a newborn baby saying it’s his baby. I’m glad it’s not me. I’m loving the single life,” she wrote.[Image: soraya.JPG]