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Your Child Will Die Before The End Of This Month - Nollywood Actress Curses Fan



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Nigerian comedian and actress, Etinosa has laid curses on a fan who mocked her for going naked on social media.[Image: etinosa1.JPG]
Comedian and actress, Etinosa has gone berserk on social media after a fan mocked her for going n-ked on Instagram.
Recall that the actress had stripped n*ked on a live video hosted by musician, MC Galaxy some time ago, which made Nigerians to curse and blast her for obvious reasons.
However, things got out of hand today after she shared a post saying, ”Sad. Jesus fed 5000 people”.
A follower didn't waste time in reminding her of her past. The troll in an attempt to insult her wrote, ”But Jesus no n*ked feed the 500”.
Etinosa felt insulted by the comment and in anger prayed that the child of the troll dies before the end of this month.
See their exchange below:[Image: etinosa2.JPG][Image: etinosa3.JPG]