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Author: SLim Baba
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My Girlfriend Of 4 Years Proposed To Me But, I Am In Love With Another Woman - man

SLim Baba


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the man begged for help on what decision to take as he has been left confused since the incident. 

[Image: crying-man.jpg]

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A Nigerian man has cried out for help after finding himself in a serious dilemma. Narrating his ordeal to relationship expert, Cynthia Valerian Raphaels, the man said his girlfriend of 4 years proposed to him, but he has another woman he's in love with.
He wrote: 
"Madam Cynthia, please I want advise on this. My girlfriend of 4 years proposed to me 2 nights ago and I felt speechless.

I told her that here is not abroad and that it's kind of weird. So she asked me if I don't want to take our union to the next level but I don't know what to respond to her because she took me unawares.

I left her in the house, went to work in the morning, I work at the airport, just came back now and none of her properties are at home. Everything in my house is intact and I have been calling her lines no picking, after some minutes I called again her line was busy.

The issue is that, I have some other girl I love but I am confused on who to marry. Both of them are good, cook well, good in bed and peaceful. I am 34 years, she is 32 and the other girl is 27 . Please I need advise."

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