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Author: SLim Baba
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Shock As Secondary School Teacher Brutalizes Student In Yobe (Photo)

SLim Baba


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A picture of the bloodied face of a young boy who was brutalised by his teacher is going viral on social media after it was shared by a witness.
[Image: Brutality.JPG]
Graphic: SS1 student allegedly brutally beaten by his teacher in Yobe State
A disturbing picture of a boy identified as Ibrahim Muhammad Mai luku, an SS1 student of King Abdul’azeez African Institute in Potiskum, Yobe State has surfaced on the internet.

The student was allegedly brutally beaten by his teacher.

The reason he was brutally beaten by his teacher is yet to be ascertained, but a bloodied photo of the child has set various social media platforms on fire as many have called on the state government to take actions.

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