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Author: SLim Baba
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Heartwarming Photos Of A Nigerian Man Bathing His Newborn Babies

SLim Baba


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Social media users have praised a Nigerian man after he was spotted bathing his two newborn babies. 

[Image: bathbaby.jpg]

The Nigerian man bathing his newborn
A Nigerian man has been hailed on social media as the 'real man' after he was spotted batthing his newborn twins.
A Facebook user, Kingsley Tammy shared the photos on Tuesday as it got many favourable comments.

[Image: bathbaby3.jpg]
The young father is said to be from Rivers state.
Tammy wrote: "My sister, stop looking upandan, find a Bonny man, settle down and be Happy with your life!" 
See more photos below: 

[Image: bathbaby1.jpg]

[Image: bathbaby2.jpg]

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