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[Image: 5A88C216-911E-4046-A7BB-66ABDEE95F5C-768x1024.jpeg]

As part of its annual Corporate social responsibilities, the Abia-Imo State chapter of Brothers Across Nigeria (Hita Galleon), paid a visit to the Federal medical centre (FMC) Umuahia, Abia state to relate and interact with patients as well as donate gift items to patients at the hospital.

Receiving the association, the Social Welfare officer of the Federal Medical center – Mrs Grace Chukwu informed the group that there were many persons in the facility who have since been treated and certified well but are unable to pay up their hospital bills and hence are yet to be discharged from the hospital. This, she said had caused most patients to spend more than the time needed at the hospital as they have no one to offset their bills.

The case of a seven year old boy, Master Onyedikachi Eddyson who underwent a major abdominal surgery, Exploratory Laparatomy some months back and has been in the hospital since then as his parents could not afford the medical bills, caught the attention of the association who immediately wrote a cheque to offset the bills.

Presenting the cheque, The president of BAN Abia-Imo State Chapter, Barr. Uche Igwe said little Onyedikachi was not at the hospital out of his own conviction but ill-health is what can affect anyone regardless of his status. He maintained that as a Socio-Humanitarian organization, Brothers Across Nigeria is bent on assisting the poor in the society and will do anything to ensure that Onyedikachi returns home hale and hearty.

Receiving the Cheque, the mother of the boy, Mrs Eddyson could not hide her joy and happiness as she was being discharged to go home with her son. She thanked God almighty for using the association to meet her needs while praying for God’s abundant blessings on them.

Other members of the delegation from BAN present were Barr. kelechi Eze – Chairman, Umuahia city Chapter; Mr. Ugochukwu Obodo – chairman, Owerri City Chapter and Mr Fegal Ubochi, Chairman – Aba city Chapter amongst others.

[Image: 4BF1CF54-E1E0-4724-BD9E-D7538E83F9CE-768x1024.jpeg]
[Image: C0EA6030-9466-4082-9936-1088E7FE8E91-768x1024.jpeg]

Mimi Akpet