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Author: SLim Baba
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Revealed: How Groups Planned To Set Nigeria On Fire

SLim Baba


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The Department of State Services has reportedly uncovered plots by some groups to set Nigeria on fire.

[Image: DSS.jpg]

According to PM News, the Department of State Services (DSS) has uncovered plans by some groups to set the nation on fire as well as inflame passions across ethnic and religious divides with expected violent consequences.

A statement issued by Dr. Peter Afunanya, Public Relations Officer, DSS on Monday said reiterated its earlier alert to the nation of plans by subversive groups and individuals to undermine national security, peace and unity in the country.

“These elements are determined to exploit political differences and other occurrences, within and outside the country, to destabilize the nation. They also initiate narratives to deepen their subversive objectives so as to achieve preferred illegal outcomes.

“The aim is to set the country on fire as well as inflame passions across ethnic and religious divides with expected violent consequences. Also, the Service expresses dismay over the increasing use of fake news and unsubstantiated information spread across social media platforms to deceive and incite sections of the populace to civil unrest,”
 he said.

While condemning the unpatriotic and misguided activities of these anti-social elements, the Service equally warned them to desist forthwith from their unholy acts as the full weight of the law would be brought against them.

“In the same vein, citizens are enjoined to remain law abiding, peaceful and report any suspicions likely to inhibit public safety to appropriate authorities. On its part, the Service will remain committed in its pursuit of national stability in line with its statutory mandate of protecting the country against crimes and threats to its internal security,” 
the statement said.

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