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Author: SLim Baba
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Tonto Dikeh Eats From ‘Mama Put Stand’ Escapes Without Paying

SLim Baba


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[Image: mamafood.jpg?resize=600%2C326&ssl=1]

Nollywood controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh, has jst woken up this morning and decided to eat outside the comfort of her home
from the local restaurants around her home in Lekki today.

She said she remembered her school days and she really wanted to eat from the local joints today, often called ‘MAMA PUT’.

The actress said she woke up by 7am today and strolled down her streets and finally found a restaurant at her back gate.

According to her, the woman hasn’t cooked yet, but she waited until the food was ready. The woman made her day a lucky day as she got the food for free.

In exchange, the woman collected her number and promised to be delivering food for her every Saturday.
The actress said she is so happy and she has declared that she loves ‘mama put’ food

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I work in a different state but my advice would be to contact Motor Vehicle and see what the issue is. I assume its something they can fix in the system so it doesnt come back as a "dead tag" to Police when they run it.

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