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Author: SLim Baba
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Advice: Should I Break Up Or Continue With The Relationship

SLim Baba


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Good day contripeople,  my situation is quite complicated of which I need help. Almost a year since I've been in a relationship with this lady,she's the typo woman I craved for and wish to get married to.

I learnt about her having stomach pains which she complain about occasionally first I thought it was about this their normal monthly dues which is mensuration. But she said no according to her she's been diagnosed of appendix when she was 16-17yrs now shes 21, also I discovered that each time she comes to visit her body temperature get hot. which I ask why didn't she go for surgery I heard that's the only solution to it. to 

my surprise she said there was a revelation about her not to go for surgery.

Pls I need an advice on what to do she doesn't wanna go for the surgery this the Lady I love so much also wish to get married to.

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