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Author: SLim Baba
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'Humble' Dino Melaye Greeting President Buhari At 2020 Budget Presentation (Photo)

SLim Baba


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Nigerians have reacted to a trending photo of Dino Melaye greeting President Muhammadu Buhari today.

[Image: Dino-buhari.jpg]

Dino Melaye and Muhammadu Buhari
A photograph of senator Dino Melaye greeting President Muhammadu Buhari has gone viral with many people commenting on his 'humble' posture.
The occasion was Buhari’s 2020 budget presentation to the joint sitting of National Assembly in Abuja on Tuesday.
Nigerians on Twitter have reacted since the photo surfaced.
See photo below:

— Bashir Ahmad (@BashirAhmaad) October 8, 2019

Quote:Guy man
— Baba Abbey (@TAIWOISAACABIOD) October 8, 2019

Quote:What is Baba telling Dino?
— Yusuf Rasheed (@RasheedYusuf7) October 8, 2019

Quote:Have you notice how @dino_melaye gleefully smiles to @MBuhari? He quite know full well that it's new senate -- more matured, responsible unlike the 8th assembly where 'rogues' dominated it.
— Kabiru Usman Misali (@KabiruMisali) October 8, 2019

Quote:Dino you..remember sa your cane see dey my hand...
— Oris Emmanuel (@OrisEmmanuel3) October 8, 2019

Quote:Dino: Ranka ya dade Mr President

Buhari: Dino mazan famaaaaaa
— Halilu (@halil_in) October 8, 2019

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