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Author: SLim Baba
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Beautiful HIV Positive Lady Tattoos 'HIV+' On Her Private Part (Photos)

SLim Baba


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This young beautiful lady just realized that she has contracted the deadly virus and she isn't hiding it.[Image: tat1.JPG]

Katie Kleinxo
Katie Kleinxo has been diagnosed of the HIV virus and she has taken a shocking step.

She got a tatoo close to her private part indicating that she is infected and then she announced it on Twitter. Her audacious act has gone viral on social media with thousands of people retweeting it.

Speaking on the unfortunate condition, she said; "F*ck it might as well get a tattoo now since I have the shit... recently found out I’m hiv positive sorry to everyone affected by this"

Several ladies are presently living with the virus without getting treated while they also spread it among unsuspecting partners.[Image: tat2.JPG]

[Image: tat4.JPG]

Source: twitter

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