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My Printer not printing Color Properly What to Do


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There are many circumstances come when users confront problems whenever they try to print something on their printer and it stopped printing properly in color format. There are many reasons behind the not printing issue of a printer and it is always better to know before taking any relevant step to fix such sort of issues. One can fix this problem within quick steps and if you don’t know about the exact reason and fixes for this issue, then read this article and learn about the step by step process to fix the issue.

Why printer not printing color properly?

There are lots of possible reasons behind the not printing color issue of a printer and you can detect these problems through printer repair near me and fix them. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:
·        Improper ink.
·        Faulty ink cartridge.
·        Dusty printer head.
·        Low ink level for color.
·        Empty ink cartridge.
·        Improper driver installation.

How to fix Printer not printing color properly?
If you want to resolve printing not color issue of your printer, then you can follow the below steps:
Method 1# Check the ink level
Make sure that ink level in your printer is proper because sometimes an empty ink cartridge causes multiple printing problems and you can simply fix this issue after refilling the cartridge with a proper ink.
Method 2# Clean the printer head
A dusty printer head may also cause this issue and you can clean the printer head to fix this issue through the below steps:
·        First of all, turn off your printer and then remove any paper if the load in the paper tray.
·        Now open the main access door of your printer and then pull the printer head from your printer.
·        Clean it with a cloth or cotton and then take it into its proper place.

Method 3# Update or reinstall driver

Using outdated or the incompatible printer driver may also responsible for multiple issues including the not printing issues. You can download or install the latest printer driver from the official website to fix this issue.
In case you are still not able to resolve this problem, then contact Printer Repair Near Me support team and avail the best in class assistance from the certified professionals to fix the not printing issue of your printer. They will take a very quick span of time and fix each issue in a very effective manner. You can make a phone call to get their support which is 24/7 available. 

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