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Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy


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Before Cancelling the Flight Know Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy! 

Got stuck in a situation? Or changes in your plan then you can choose to cancel your flight. And there is no herculean task to cancel the flight especially if you happen to travel with Southwest airlines. This airline has introduced simple ways to cancel the flight and provided flexibility in travel to passengers. But, before that, you are advised to check the cancellation policy and that is mentioned below. 

Learning About Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy! 

  1. According to the cancellation policy, a passenger is allowed to cancel his flight without any cost within 24 hours after booking the flight. 

  2. If the passenger crossed 24 hours then he can still cancel his flight but will be asked to pay for the cancellation fee. 

  3. To cancel the flight or to check the refund status you can choose the “Manage Travel” option which is available on the official website of the airlines. 

  4. If a passenger fulfills the required refund conditions and is eligible for the same then it will be initiated within 3-6 working days from the date of confirmation of cancellation. 

  5. And the refund amount will be initiated back to the source of payment. 
After referring to the above information on the Southwest Airlines cancellation, you can make wise decisions. For any further issues, if you have, you are free to get in touch with Southwest Airlines customer support. 

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