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Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy


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How can you cancel a flight in Southwest?
Canceled plans or booked trips always bring along headache of canceling flights and bookings. And not every airline is customer-friendly to provide passengers hassle-free cancellation or refund. But if you have a flight booking in US-based  Southwest Airlines and now want to cancel flights then you can follow below given Southwest Airlines cancellation policy.
Steps to cancel a flight in Southwest Airlines
1. To cancel flight of Southwest, tap on the official website of Southwest
2. On the homepage, double-tap on manage bookings link
3. Under manage booking, click on the cancel flight option
4.Enter your booking number and name of the passenger
5. Now scroll down on your further flight details and tap on the Cancel button and you are done.
Flight cancellation policy of Southwest
  • If you cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking, you can get a full refund and don't have to pay for the cancellation fee
  • Moving on, if you cancel your flight at the last moment or less than a week of flight’s departure then you will be charged with some cancellation charges and refund will be calculated after that.
  • In case of no show policy, your entire flight cost will be fortified
  • The refund will be generated within a few working days.
And that's how you can cancel your flight of Southwest Airlines. For more information, contact customer care.

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