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How to recover your Apple id account?


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Apple id account recovery
Apple ID stores some of the very important information of the user, thus it uses a password to protect itself and that password is required by any user to get access to the Apple account if forgotten the user needs to recover it.
Apple ID account recovery process

  • Visit the website of Apple Manage Your Apple Account web-page and hit enter.

  • Click on Forgot Apple ID or Password.

  • Enter the Apple ID (email ID used to sign in to your Apple account), click Continue.

  • Enter the Phone number which was used at the time of making the account.

  • Select Are you unable to find another iOS device to use? and click on Continue Anyway.

  • Receive the verification code through SMS sent by Apple.

  • Enter the 6-digits verification code and click Continue.
Now the user needs to wait for 24 hours to reset the password and complete the Apple id account recovery, he can take the support of customer service to get more information about the recovery process.

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