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Author: Watchtower
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IDAHOSA TRAILS: A Movie On Archbishop Benson Idahosa Coming To A Screen Near You



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[Image: idahosa-trails-poster-with-three-laurels_2_orig.jpg]

"IDAHOSA Trails reveals amazing potentials in African story - telling. African stories deserve to be researched."

[Image: idahosa-trails-the-indiefest-awards_orig.jpg]
First Review:

It's not an easy task to interweave Suspense, Drama, Action and Humor seamlessly in one timeline hence, the eventual appreciation of the cognitive  development of IDAHOSA TRAILS' story - telling. A surreal drama with dynamic emotions inherent in both dialogue and visual representations, the movie's Audio and Sound Design are also quite decent.

Impressive also is the revelation in the end credits that Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) was employed in the post production pipeline.

The pace is carefully tailored to create anticipation for an expected "reveal" throughout the five key moments of the movie. Viewers are pampered into the visually stimulating inciting incident, through the "narrative" medium.

Both the inciting incident and lock - in happen quite spontaneously;  early enough in the movie to sustain interest and imagination.

The simplicity of an otherwise ordinary Drama is embellished with surreal suspense ushered in by frantic hallucinations and vague, opaque suggestions of an underlying turmoil shrouded in Thomas Book's past.

This keeps the viewer attentive, and expectant of the full disclosure of the character's "Lock-in" - in an unfolding revelation of the travails of his past, as the main culmination and final twist are eagerly anticipated.

The manner in which Benson Idahosa's characters (young and old) are revealed is phenomenal. The medium of the book, driven by dreams and hallucinations to the depiction of Idahosa's deeds from the past is both endearing and remarkable.

The movie boasts of high Artistic Standards and Production Value and scores remarkably in technicality.

Casting however, is where this movie scores a "remarkably tall" point. The candidness of the Fictional Characters' resemblance to the actual people is quite overwhelming.

In the end, the movie is true to its premise, and the story is not distracted by the personality of Benson Idahosa; though the Character of Benson Idahosa  - especially the older look-alike (in Charles Okafor) could have been introduced in perhaps one or more scenes to satisfy the longings of the viewer.

In all, story- wise, the fact that the movie sticks to its premise qualifies the log line - "an inglorious journalist seeks to interview a deceased preacher".

A full biopic on the man Benson Idahosa appears imminent.

[Image: stanlee-ohikhuare-s-idahosa-trails-scree...1_orig.jpg]


SLim Baba


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A lot of people will see the movie

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