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Regional partners welcome Hong Kong to end the ban on vaping.



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[Image: p42YiZg68DfnjKT4LUTI5xvLCrqlUOsNf5_OJ8er...mhOfliwGQI]

NATIONAL, 10 June, 2020 (GPN): A regional consumer advocacy group praised the decision of the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly (Legco) to end discussions on a proposed ban on vaping products, saying it would help people Smokers get a safer non-smoking alternative.The Coalition of Asia Pacific Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates cited the Legco's Bills Committee on Smoking announcement to end discussions on the proposed ban on electronic cigarettes, non-heat tobacco products and other electronic nicotine delivery systems on Day 2. June

The committee ceased work after nine meetings, including three public hearings since it was formed in March 2019, to deal with a proposed bill aimed to amend the smoking law and to impose a ban on smoking or abuse. Use e-cigarettes, HTPs and the like.The joker CAPHRA said these nicotine-free products are considered part of tobacco harm reduction, a public health strategy aimed at reducing the risks associated with smoking.The ban on vaping in Hong Kong was not set after strong opposition from some members of the committee citing scientific studies showing that e-cigarettes, HTPs, and the like contain much lower levels of toxic substances. Compared to combustible cigarettes

Scientific studies show that the harms of these technology-assisted products are less than 5 percent, or just a fraction of the health risks of flammable tobacco because they are not associated with the blamed combustion or combustion. As the source of toxins It has been known for decades that tar and the carcinogenic substances found in tobacco smoke are the leading cause of death and non-nicotine-related illnesses. Unlike flammable cigarettes, which are linked to 20,000 deaths per day worldwide, THR products do not produce smoke because they provide nicotine by heating and not burning tobacco.Nancy Loucas, Executive Coordinator of CAPHRA, said that Hong Kong, such as Japan and Korea, have historically had many smokers switching to HTP. “CAPHRA is delighted to see the upcoming HTP ban in Hong Kong. It has been canceled by the government to support science-based practices for reducing tobacco harm, ”she said.

It is encouraging to see that some officials involved in the scientifically based process of determining the fate of anti-banning products prove that HTPs contain lower levels of the toxin compared to cigarettes, while addressing concerns. Of black creation The illegal commercial market of products, ”Loucas said.However, Loucas said that in Hong Kong many hot tobacco users were forced to return to flammable tobacco because they were inaccessible to their products in the past year "by other means there is a risk of being caught buying it through." Illegal channels Legislators such as Peter Shui, Raymond CHan and Cheng Chunt-tai have repeatedly argued that the ban was either unreasonable or plausible. More importantly, the trio pointed out that adult smokers should not be deprived of their right to reduce tobacco harm, ”she said.