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Author: SLim Baba
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Woman Married To A Lecturer Makes Shockin Discovery After Going Through His Instagram

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A woman who is married to a lecturer got the shock of her life after she decided to go through the Instagram of the man.

[Image: SIberian%20T.JPG]

           Anna Rudenok, 24, discovered 27-year-old husband Dmitry was cheating on her with a

19-year-old student Emilia Ignatova after discovering her among his 'likes' on Instagram


According to a report by Daily Mail UK, a Russian wife discovered her lecturer husband was cheating on her after seeing pictures of one of his students sitting in their flat on Instagram.
Anna Rudenok, 24, began to suspect 27-year-old husband Dmitry was being unfaithful after going through his Instagram 'likes' and discovering student Emilia Ignatova appeared often.
But after delving deeper the mother-of-one found images on Ignatova's Instagram page showing the 19-year-old in her flat, wearing her clothes, and even an image of her pet cat. 
Some shots were next to the cot of her and her husband's baby son - and all taken when she was away from home at her mother's house with their child.
One image showed Emilia in a hotel in Chelyabinsk sitting topless on the edge of a bed wearing tights. 
Rudenok is a teacher and chief press officer at South Ural State University in Russia, reported pro-Kremlin news outlet
Her caption to the picture reads: 'Yet another breezy day to pay my university debts.' 
The furious wife messaged her husband shaming him for his illicit relationship.
Her husband immediately removed his Instagram account and Emilia blocked access to hers. Neither of them have denied the wife's accusations.
Anna later claimed that her husband admitted to an 18 month relationship.
She initially claimed Dmitry had threatened her, saying: 'He called me and said "I'll destroy you, I'll bury you, I won't care that you are the mother of my child".

'I asked him what was my fault? It wasn't me who had an affair or posted pictures in the wife's clothes. I am also a woman, and I got fed up with this.'
Anna said: 'Then this woman called me and threatened me, too.

'I said I was ready to go to the police if this was to continue.'
Anna gave birth to the couple's baby son several months ago.
She said she has moved out of her marital home and she and the baby are currently at living with her parents. 

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