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Author: Watchtower
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Learning A Foreign Language Part 1



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There are many different reasons for learning a new language. The benefits of learning a foreign language can not be overestimated. However, I would be focusing on ways to aid the quest to learn a foreign language.


To succeed in learning a foreign language research shows that you can aid yourself with the following qualities :

1. Motivation – you need an incentive – a reason to pursue this goal. Students with high motivation generally do Best.

2. Humility . Don’t expect too much of yourself – mistakes are inevitable,especially at first. People will laugh at you but keep your sense of humor. You are like a child learning to walk. Often you stumble but you just have to get up and try again.

3. Patience – you don’t think you have made progress until you look back.

4 . Practice – A regular routine will help you to become fluent in the new language . Try to practice every day even if for just a few minutes. As one textbook puts it , a little and often is preferable to a lot but seldom.

[Image: 9419225D-E562-4443-985D-DA0298567677.jpeg]
… to be continued.

Azih G.O.



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