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Baby Shark has become the most-watched video of all time on YouTube.



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[Image: 5fa0892501d0d2738245.jpg]

The delightful lullaby Baby Shark recorded by South Korean company Pinkfong became the most-watched video ever made on YouTube.The song has now been played 7.04 billion times, surpassing previous record holder Despacito, the Latin pop song of singer Louis Fonsi.Playing back and forth, that means Baby Shark has been streamed uninterrupted for 30,187 years.Pinkfong was able to earn an estimated $ 5.2 million (£ 4 million) from a YouTube stream alone.It took Baby Shark four years to reach the top of YouTube's most played charts, but the track is much older.

It is thought to have originated in a joker123 US summer camp in the 1970s.One theory says it was invented in 1975 because Steven Spielberg's jaw became a world-famous box office.There are many variations in the underlying premise, including one in which a surfer loses his arm at a shark and another in which the protagonist dies.There are also international versions, including French Bebe Requin and German Kleiner Hai (Little Shark), which became a European hit in 2007.But nothing can match the astonishing success of Pinkfong's interpretation, sung by 10-year-old Korean-American singer Hope Segoine and uploaded to YouTube in 2015.

It was a tempting song. "Doo doo doo doo doo doo" and the captivating choreography became popular in South Korea, with popular bands Red Velvet, Girls' Generation and Blackpink beginning to blend it into their concerts.June the following year, Pinkfong released a second video called Baby Shark Dance in which two cute children perform choreography.That clip inspired the hashtag. #BabySharkChallenge Everyone from Indonesian farm workers to celebrities Cardi B and Josh Groban joined the fun.This is a catnip for kids whose urge to play repeatedly has undoubtedly helped it climb YouTube's most-watched video rankings.

Lullabies are slow, lovable, but one that will help your kids fall asleep compared to baby sharks,Pinkfong's director of marketing Jamie O told the BBC in 2018.Pinkfong's Baby Shark is very trendy and has a really bright rhythm with fun choreography, the animation is so bright, we call it K-Pop for the next generation.The company is turning music into movies and musicals, and aspires to make Baby Shark "another classic for kids like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," added Oh.

[Image: baby_Shark_1604309710.jpg]

Prison torture claims

However, Pinkfong's parent company, SmartStudy, was sued last year by child composer Jonathan Wright, who recorded a similar arrangement of the songs in 2011 and stated that he owned the copyright in the interpretation.SmartStudy replied that their words are "According to the traditional song that has been forwarded to the public domain", this case is still pending consideration by the Korean Copyright Committee.Last month, the song was at the center of another controversy when three prison workers in Oklahoma were accused of using the song to punish inmates.

According to court documents, five prisoners were handcuffed to a wall and forced to stand for two hours while listening to baby sharks repeatedly.Music exposure makes "The emotional stress of inmates is the most likely to suffer," said district attorney David Prater.But the song was also used positively.When Eliane Jabbour unexpectedly found herself during an anti-government demonstration in Lebanon last October, she worried that the turmoil would shock her 15-month-old son, who had just awoken from a nap in the passenger car seat. Her
But protesters turn around her car and sing Baby Shark to help calm the toddler.The video of the episode in Beirut, with Robin staring at singing and dancing - itself turned viral and became a symbol of hope amid protests.



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Вони стверджують, що сміх дає нам можливість легше сприймати страшну реальність, не піддаватися відчаю, а досягати поставленої мети. — Зеленського «продав» не гумор, а образ, коли молодик їде велосипедом і співає пісню «Я люблю свою страну». Ми тісно співпрацюємо з командою Bihus. І ось зібралися разом продавець квітів, футбольний тренер, інженер та актор. Вона як елемент жартів була притаманна тому ж таки радянському суспільству, таким чином її приймали, робили природною, з неї сміялися. Так і залишилися котики котиками.

Інші коментарі відображені не будуть. Вантажівку трясонуло так сильно, що в Літа з голови злетіла каска. Фільм отримав змішані відгуки від українських кінокритиків. З урахуванням допрем’єрних показів, на «Наших котиків», станом на 2 лютого, було продано 36 тис. Допрем’єрний показ

Весь фильм на эмоциях, весь фильм рыдали то от смеха, то от горя. Это очень-очень качественная сатира, обязательно надо смотреть!«Це розрив шаблону», — такими словами описує фільм «Наші котики» режисер Володимир Тихий. Це — перша українська комедія про війну на Сході.

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