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Author: SLim Baba
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Man With Huge Tumor On His Face Smiles After Reconstructive Surgery (Photos)

SLim Baba


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A Forty-two-year-old man who had a huge tumor growing on his face has had it removed with the help of a non-governmental organization called Mercy Ships. 

[Image: leon.jpg]

Mr Leon
A man from Cameroon, Leon has been given another opportunity to live life to the best after undergoing successful surgery through the help of Mercy Ships. His touching story was shared by Mercy Ships Australia after the surgery.
Read below: "Many of us have injuries, stretch marks, or war wounds - all of which leave behind a story in the form of a scar. We might try to hide these blemishes to avoid re-living the battle.
But what happens when your scars become the focal point of your life? Forty-two-year-old Leon was in a motorcycle accident 15 years ago that left him with wounds around his jaw.[Image: leon1.jpg]
Before and after the surgery
Unable to access medical care, he left them to heal without attention - resulting in a keloid tumour of scar tissue that grew larger and heavier every day. Now, here at the Africa Mercy, he has the chance to finally heal the scar that has burdened him for so long. 

Even when resting and alone, Leon now sits with a smile on his face where there was once only a frown buried beneath a keloid tumour of scar tissue. What seemed a minor flesh wound after a motorcycle accident 15 years ago developed into a growth that took over his life. His wife of 20 years and eight children now eagerly await his return following free surgery on the Africa Mercy!"

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