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Know solar cells


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Solar cells are clean energy from the sun, it is considered the best natural energy. Because in addition to helping to save money Reducing environmental problems, solar cells are still the "survival energy" that will help solve the energy crisis that our world is facing today. It is also an energy that is practically accessible to everyone. And can be used indefinitely With no impact on nature and life, solar cells are the only survivors of the SDGs7 Affordable and Clean Energy goal that drive everyone to use clean energy and make every area on the planet survive the energy crisis. And access to sustainable electricity at a reasonable price

Solar cell working principle

Photovoltaic function is the process of converting solar energy into electrical energy. Through the key equipment is the solar cells that are most commonly installed on the roof of the house. Also known as Solar Rooftop, starting from when solar เกมสล็อตฟรี  panels receive solar energy. It will send power to the car (Inverter) and then change the direct current into alternating current. Before paying to various parts of the house, if there is a problem that the panel does not get enough light, rain, a lot of clouds, the sky is off, the system will switch to normal electricity

The advantages of solar cells

It is an inexhaustible source of clean energy from nature and is the "survival energy" of the world that everyone can work with
Just having sunlight can generate electricity in the area to be used.
It's energy worthwhile Can be converted to electricity for use in the house Will help reduce electricity bills by average 3-4 times
Electricity from solar cells can save electricity costs 4.50 baht per unit, and if not used up, can be sold back to the Electricity Authority 1.68 baht per unit.
Good for daytime
Or can be used at night
Solar panels are cheaper and payback in 5-7 years.
Can be used for 20-25 years