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Author: SLim Baba
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I Can Still Play Football - 68-year-old Arsene Wenger

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Departing Arsenal FC manager, Arsene Wenger who revealed that he regularly takes part in games on the training ground, says he can still play football despite his age.[Image: arsene-wenger-1.jpg]Arene Wenger

68-year-old Arsene Wenger says he has no plan to quit football and that he’s still in good enough shape to play the game, adding that he regularly takes part in staff-only games on the training ground.
He made this known on Tuesday at a press conference held ahead of Arsenal’s clash against Leicester City.
Wenger said when he leaves at the end of the season, he will miss being out on the grass every day.

“I keep myself fit, I can still play”, he said. “If I was really objective then I would pick myself every week. We have staff games. I don’t play with the players, they are a bit too quick for me.”
Wenger, who will step down as Arsenal’s manager after 22 years, said he is being courted by many clubs. “Yes! More than I expected,” Wenger said.

“But I’m not analysing or considering anything. I want to work well here until the last day of my contract. For sure I will be active. My brain demands work and is active.

“I have huge experience in management. Overall, I will work. What will I do? I don’t know.”
Shortly after he announced his end-of-season departure, there were reports that a number of clubs, including Paris Saint-Germain, were interested in his service.
Wenger, however, said he does not see himself taking charge of another English club.

“At the moment, that is difficult for me. I don’t envisage that (on handling another EPL club),” he said.

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