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Author: slimsaint
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Nigerian Man Who Lied To His Kids That Their Mom Is Dead, Batters Her For Showing Up



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A Nigerian father who told his children that their mother is dead, has battered and knocked out her tooth after she showed up years later to reunite with her kids
 [Image: capture-DPA-2.jpg]
The battered woman
A popular Nigerian Facebook page, Due Process Advocate, has posted the story of a woman who is crying out after her husband attacked and battered her because she reunited with her children years after he took them from her and lied to them that she was dead.
The young mother who is yet to be identified said she was beaten so bad that she lost a tooth and was bleeding. She revealed further that her husband sent her away 5 years after their marriage, then he married a second wife.
She said the husband then enrolled their kids in a school far from home and told the school authorities that his wife is dead and no one is allowed to come visiting his kids.
Years later, she got information that her kids have been moved to a school close to home, so she went visiting, and when her husband found out, he threatened to kill her. And when he got hold of her, he almost made good on his threat by battering her till she was bleeding.
Read her story below;
[Image: capture-DPA-1.jpg]