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Author: slimsaint
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Horror: Fully Loaded Fuel Tanker Falls At Mile 2, Lagos Spilling Its Content (Photos)



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A tanker which was fully loaded with fuel has fallen in community in Lagos, spilling its content and causing quite some panic.

[Image: fuel%20spills.JPG]
The tanker fell along mile 2
Photos have shown the tanker which fell in a community in Lagos, disrupting free flow of traffic in the area.
The tanker which was fully loaded with fuel, fell along the Mile 2 road axis of Lagos state. The vehicle spilled its liquid content as a result and got people panicking about the possible outbreak of fire.
However, the Lagos Response Unit (LRU) were on ground to salvage the situation.
The articulated vehicle was later towed way.
See more photos below:
[Image: fuel%20spills1.JPG]
[Image: fuel%20spills2.JPG]