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Author: Watchtower
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APC Northern Governors Empowers Northern Youths With Shoeshiner Kits And Bread



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[Image: C2FAD4FE-7F73-49CF-B48B-A3EE2DF78C64.jpeg]

About two weeks ago, something very strange  happened in Kano. Citizens of the State went into  jubilation in Kano as Governor Ganduje doled out “Empowerment Materials”; Bread, Milk, Tea, Bowels.

This did not go unnoticed by the Governor of Bornu State. Earlier today the Governor joined the bandwagon of giving out “Empowerment Materials” There was “jubilation” in Bornu state today, as Governor Shetima’s Government “empowered” over 5,000 youths with the New Improved Shoe Shining Kit, fully equipped with polish & brush.

[Image: 23F6CD23-E2AB-4A5B-B56A-339143151F29.jpeg]

[Image: B4E5D57A-B82D-41C1-AE71-D4D0DCB37784.jpeg]