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Who Bewitched Northern Nigeria That They Don’t Know Their Enemies”? – Reno Omokri



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[Image: 6CA18384-3867-404C-A176-0399E8BE68F4.jpeg]

Reno Omokri, former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan reacted to reports that Kano and Bornu State Governors, doled out “Empowerment Materials” (Bread, Milk, Tea, Bowels, New Improved Shoe Shining Kit, fully equipped with polish & brush) to citizens of their States.

The former presidential aide addressed the issue today on his Twitter page.
“Jonathan built 165 almajiri schools in the North so that Northern kids get the opportunities his own kids had. Today, APC Empowers Northern youths with shoeshiner kits instead of empowering them with education. Who has bewitched Northern Nigeria that they dont know their enemies”?