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Author: slimsaint
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Nigerian Man Killed By Rival Cultists In The Streets Of South Africa (Graphic Photos)



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A young Nigerian who belongs to a dreaded secret cult, has seen his life cut short in a bizarre way after he was shot dead by rival cultists in South Africa. 

[Image: naija-man-shot-in-SA-1.jpg] 

The deceased

A young Nigerian man, identified simply as Nosa who allegedly belongs to the Black Axe confraternity, has been brutally murdered by rival cultists in the streets of South Africa, days after asking God for protection.
The deceased who was reportedly nicknamed Romeo, was attacked by unknown assailants, shot dead and was left to die in the pool of his blood.

[Image: naija-man-shot-in-SA-2.jpg]
His death has left his friends and colleagues both in Nigeria and South Africa in total shock.[/size]